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Commercial management for owners

Fifteen years of experience establishing relationships of trust and long-term between tenants and owners.

We advise

on how to obtain the maximum return on a property.

We advertise

in the most convenient way each dwelling.

We select

to the tenants, ensuring their financial reliability.

We close

the rent with the signing of a secure and transparent contract.

Comprehensive property management

We have the confidence of all types of investors, from small savers to large banking groups.

We perform

full commercial management until the signing of the contract.

We process

the basic management before the administration and the supply companies.

We manage

the relationship with the tenants during the term of the contract.

We represent

to the property before the community of owners.

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News and articles of interest about the rent.

We hear you

Do you want maximum security when renting? Do you want your real estate investment to give you the maximum return without surprises?

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Cassana Inmobiliaria

Cassana Inmobiliaria

Especialistas en alquiler

C./ En Sanz, 5, pta 1. 46001 Valencia
Tel: 963 815 870

Customer reviews

Ana Pastor Andrés

Ana Pastor Andrés

I've been living in an apartment managed by Cassana since September 2008 and have had a good experience from the start. Cassana gave me the keys to the apartment a few weeks before moving in so I could furnish it. When I signed the contract, Cassana was very transparent about its terms and clauses and helped me with all the paperwork I needed to request rental assistance from the government. Once when I had a problem, they resolved it for me immediately, and then followed through some time later. I receive a convenient, written receipt from them every month by email. Cassana makes things easy. Renting through them has many advantages. You can rely on their good practices. You get a legal rental contract, receipts, and other services. You also get personal treatment. Cassana is a smart choice for dealing with real estate. You can relax in a way you really can't with an independent landlord. My experience has been entirely positive.
Olga Juhasz

Olga Juhasz

Cassana brought me luck. After two years trying to relocate to another apartment, I met Arnau and found the perfect place. The company's service is professional and fast. You can trust them to be there for you forever. They offer a good product and know exactly what you want. And no one will mislead you. I recommend them highly.
Rafael Real

Rafael Real

Cassana earned my trust from the get-go and has not relented in the professionalism it has shown us. Despite the going hourly rate for renovations in Valencia, Cassana's work in preparing my apartment for rental was thorough and in my opinion, worth every cent. My property was in perfect condition when they showed it, the way I would want to see it if I were a tenant. We prefer to obtain less income, but guaranteed, and ensure that everyone is satisfied. Thank you Cassana for your excellent management of my rental property.

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