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Specialists for rent for 15 years

After a long career as real estate developers, our company started with the new century a strategy based on the construction of housing for rent. They are properties that respond to the new style that is now a trend throughout the world. The experience of an excellent management of our properties allowed us to generate protocols to manage with total guarantee foreign properties, work in which we have focused this last decade. In some cases, we only work on housing sales and in other cases we are integral managers.

From large investment companies to small savers

Our portfolio is tremendously varied. In it are the properties of the same company together with real estate of individuals and large investment groups. We manage 300 Caixabank homes, both in free rent and in social rent. We work with people who, due to work issues, leave their usual home and want to have a fixed income. And we also take care that those homes that some small savers invested in are assets capable of multiplying their value.

We work in the Valencian Community

Most of the goods we manage are in the cities of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante, but we also have properties under our charge in the rest of the Valencian Community. The knowledge we have of the residential rental market, our long experience in the territory and the fact of having such a limited geographical space, allows us to advise owners accurately, satisfy the tenants and anticipate the needs of the current market.

Working to ensure long-term relationships

Although we take care of housing rentals, at Cassana we know that the fundamental material with which we work and the one we have to promote is trust between people. That’s why we have exquisite care in relationships by tenants and landlords. We search among tenants those who present the appropriate financial profile and we also ensure that the owners know both their rights and their obligations. With maximum transparency, we know that relationships extend over time and generate relationships in which everyone involved wins.

We believe in people

To achieve satisfactory and lasting relationships between owners and tenants, we have a team committed to the values ​​of Cassana. A group formed by professionals in constant training who have been developing for years a work in which empathy and listening become elements of fundamental commercial value.

Our team

Arnau Sena


His work as direct manager of Cassana has made the company a benchmark in the real estate market in the region. His secret? Professionalism and its ability to precisely define work protocols. All this at a time when there were still very few companies interested in renting. Reports directly to the Board of Directors of the company and is responsible for making the strategic plan of the company a reality.

Estela Martín

Real Estate agent

Due to her active and restless nature, Estela is excited to know that each day will be different. It does not matter that a decade has passed in Cassana: every day brings the joy of knowing new faces, new illusions and new homes … although sometimes there are also unforeseen problems to solve. After having managed international sales in a large company, he feels that working directly with people is a daily gift.

Aroa Pinilla

Real Estate agent

This optimistic woman has made a beautiful discovery in her years of experience with Cassana: the power she has in her ability to listen. Attending a person, knowing their problems and sharing the illusions that are born with each new home have allowed him to develop a sixth sense. And enjoy seeing that you can make business relationships easy and smooth. Even if, at times, you take away the problems of others at home!

Khali Namkhai

Customer support

He came to complete his business studies and here he stayed, discovering the importance of personally attending potential clients. For her, answering questions in writing or answering the phone are key elements in what she learned in college: the value of the so-called “customer experience”. He knows that there is only one opportunity to strengthen an excellent first impression with the client. And she makes sure it is unbeatable.

María Jesús Candela


His are the numbers. And the papers. This unrelenting and meticulous worker is responsible for not letting go of a single detail and thus achieve that the company has at all times a perfect fiscal, accounting and financial management. He knows that his task is difficult to perceive and that his work remains in the background. But, far from caring, she feels comfortable in that role and enjoys facilitating the work of the rest of the company.

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