Coronavirus crisis and rental of apartments: common sense, patience and lots of communication …

Since March 13th, Spain has been directly affected by covid-19 crisis (coronavirus), what provoked that Spanish Government published lots of measures trying to help in economic sectors: some of them are aimed directly to rental of apartment agreements.

Before starting the analyse of the above mentioned measures, from CASSANA – ESPECIALISTAS EN ALQUILER we consider that, first of all, patience and common sense should prevail. Even over the legal measures agreed by the Spanish Government, we consider that tenants and landlords must keep in contact during all the time. Obviously, if tenants are involved in a difficult economic situation, landlords must help their tenants and try to postpone the rental payment. A fluent communication between both parts must exist and, been flexible and compressive people, agreements would arrive without problems.

Apart from the rental payment obligation that belongs to the tenant, some other aspects should be taken into account, after the Real Decreto-ley 11/2020, entered into force on April 2nd 2020:

  1. Extraordinary extension of contract: Those rental agreements which were going to finish during the next 3 months, can be extraordinarily extended until maximum other six months, if the tenant demands it to his/her landlord.
  2. Rental payment postponement: If the tenant is under a situation of “economic vulnerability” and no agreement has reached with the landlord, the tenant is able to ask for a microcredit guaranteed by Spanish State or a direct aid (maximum Euro 900). If the landlord is a company with more than 10 apartments, this company can decide if prefers to offer the tenant a 50% discount in the rental payment or to postpone the mentioned payment (maximum amount 4 months) until a 3 years duration.
  3. Eviction suspension:  All the eviction procedures in Court are going to be affected by a six months suspension period, after the alarm status finishes.

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