Rental of apartments market: 2019 ends, a year of prices increasing…

The rental of apartments market is closing a year in which prices of rental almost rise up in all the cities and regions in Spain. It is not new, in fact the mentioned market has apreciatted increasings since last few years. But the truth is that 2019 has been a year again of consolidation of the rental of apartments market . From CASSANA ESPECIALISTAS EN ALQUILER we could check that every year the following spanish idea has been confirmed “the renta arrived for staying a long time…”.

The real estate market has seen a 2019 full of contradictory news not helping to reach the necessary stability for real estate investments. See for example, the changes in the Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos, the news about Brexit coming from United Kingdom or the formal changes provoked by the Ley Hipotecaria. However, the investors continue trusting this sector; the investors still consider interesting buying flats and houses for rental afterwars.

For all the abovementioned, from CASSANA ESPECIALISTAS EN ALQUILER we are optimistic and we believe that next 2020 year the rental of apartments sector is going to continue in its process of consolidation.

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